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Poindexter's Personal Privacy Package

Poindexter is a Java applet that provides the main four functions of PGP. It interoperates with PGP 8 and GnuPG in limited testing.

I created this software for people who need portable email cryptography tools. Because Poindexter is a Java applet is works on any system that can run java applets. Currently it relies on the Java plugin.

I'm using the Cryptix JCE and OpenPGP libraries. Both of these are not technically release-quality and thus Poindexter should not be considered for any serious work.

  • 0.1 - Release - SHA1: 5148013ab3b75474315ca7af6c8f3a1ecc3b5fce
  • 0.1 - Source - SHA1: ed25f5a416c666b512b7d35c2f6f1f38862cf05e